Custom Rails

We will fabricate railings to your specifications whenever custom fabricated, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel railings are required. Can be used for any pool application including entry, ADA compliant, stairs, deck guards and diving towers. Design and engineering support are readily available.

Deck Mounted Rails

Deck Mounted Rails are intended for use with vinyl or fiberglass pools having premolded steps. Anchorage of the rails to the deck is 8 in. on center and provides teh stability needed without penetrating the molded steps.


A variety of models are available to meet any pool or spa configuration. 1.90 in O.D. x .065 in. wall thinckness
Heavier guages available upon reequest
All rails are 54 in. long and 32 in. high
Can be installed directly in concrete or in optional anchor sockets

Excercise Rails

Excercise Rails may be used as wall rails for additional stability for persons entering pools, showers, locker rooms, hallways and ramps. They may also help in aiding the therapist or client by providing wall-mounted support for warming and stretching exercises, as well as wall-mounted in the pool for hydrotherapy sessions.


Mounted with lag bolt and shield to maintain a 1-1/2 in. clear opening between rail adn wall
Wall thickness 1.90 in. O.D. x .065 in.
Heavier guages and OD’s available up on request

Product Specifications


Part Numbers Length # of Brackets
34401 5 ft. 2
34402 6 ft. 2
34403 7 ft. 2
34404 9 ft. 3
34405 11 ft. 3
34406 13 ft. 3



Part Numbers Length # of Brackets
34411 6 ft. 2
34412 7 ft. 2
34413 8 ft. 2
34414 10 ft. 3
34415 12 ft. 3
34416 14 ft. 3

Grab Rails

Grab rails come in pairs. They are used to keep racing lanes free of obstructions when used in conjunction with built-in step.

Stair Rails

Stair Rails should be used on all pool entry steps as a necessary safety feature to allow safe entry and exit from the pool.

Product Specifications


Part Number Bend Width
34101 2 48 in.
34102 2 60 in.
34103 2 72 in.
34201 3 48 in.
34202 3 60 in.
34203 3 72 in.

Therapy Parallel Bars

Lightweight Stainless Steel Therapy Parallel Bars have a supporting base that is a solid one-piece welded construction which includes rubber pads to help stabilize the unit on a variety of floor surfaces so that it can be used in the therapy room, as well as in the pool. Custom lengths can be ordered.


Straddle bars are adjustable from a 28 in. to a full height of 40 in.
Hand grips are comfortable to use