Rover Lifeguard Chairs

Rover Semi-Permanent, Movable, and Standard Chairs

The Rover Standard is our original, basic guard chair. The seat, backrest, and non-skid footrest are fabricated of laminated wood coated with fiberglass and polyester resin. Rover Semi-Permanent is designed for those pools where the lifeguard chair must be anchored, yet still be capable of being readily moved. The rear legs are set into sockets anchored in the deck, while the front leg with 7 in. diameter wheels allow for easy relocation. The Rover Movable (Wheel-A-Round) is an ideal solution for a chair that is needed at different locations. Both rugged and stable, yet can be easily moved by one person.


2-step, 3-step, and 4-step models availble
Light enough to be moved by one person
Sloping ladder allows easy access to seat

Warning: Chairs are not suitable for diving nor recommended for use with umbrellas under windy conditions.

Portable Lifeguard Chairs

Easy to move in the perfect location for your pool.

Portable 2-, 3-, and 4-step models are for areas not requiring a full height chair. Light enough to be lifted by one person (the 4-step weighs only 70 lbs.). Sloping front ladder with 19 in. sloping steps allows access to molded contour seat. Angled legs and stability.


Frame is constructed of stainless steel tube and ABS steps
Furnished with a 19 in. step and holders for rescue tube and umbrella
Platform height is 4 ft. 4 in. and seat height is 6 ft. above the deck
Optional anchors and escutcheon plates available
Rover SemiPermanent
Ladder has 19 in. steps
Furnished with two pairs of anchor sockets for two locations
Moveable (Wheel-A-Round)
Perfect for supervision, instruction, and judging
Heavy duty 7 in. diameter wheels roll easily on deck or lawn

Paraflyte Chairs

The best selection of fixed, moveable, and portable chairs for every need

All Paraflyte chairs have a platform height of 4’6″, a seat height of 6’0″ above the deck, and are supported by a stainless steel flanged pedestal which is set back 3’0″ from the pool wall. The ladder at side is set back 3′ 1-5/8″ from the pool wall. Combination ladder risers and guard rails are .065″ wall x 1.90″ diameter, Type 304 stainless steel, polished to a 320 grit finish.


Lookout Dual Side Mount
Ideal for pools with limited deck space
Access from both sides allows change with uninterrupted coverage
Solid stainless steel frame, 360 degree swivel seat
26 in. access step
Wheels allow for easy relocation
Lookout Platform Chair
Engineered expecially for busy aquatic facilities and water parks
Sloping setps allow for quicker dismount
Solid stainless steel frame, 360 degrees swivel seat
Extra large 60 in. x 36 in. non-skid fiberglass platform
1-Step Standard Model
Seat 30 in. above deck
Platform is 36 in. x 38 in. and only 12 in. above deck
Optional 1-step lookout wheel kit available
2-Step Model with Wheels
Seat 42 in. above deck
Furnished with 19 in. step
Platform size 36 in. x 38 in. and 24 in. above pool deck
3-Step Model with Wheels
Seat 54 in. above deck
Furnished with 19in. steps
48 in. x 48 in. platform size and is 36 in. above deck

Lookout Lifeguard Chairs

Roomier, non-skid surface platform with close to deck proximities

Paragon “Lookout Chairs” have grown into an extended family of their own with 5 models designed for pools that do not require a full height chair. All Lookout chairs offer an elevated, 360° swivel seat which sits on a non-skid platform. Station provides easy access and dismount. Chair is molded plastic. Features T304 stainless steel construction. All models come with an umbrella holder and the 3-step also has a rescue tube holder. 4″ diameter wheels are included on 2- and 3-step models for portability.


Platform height of 4 ft. 6 in. above deck and seat height of 6 ft. above deck
Paraflyte Ladder at Rear
Recommended for General Use
Rear ladder with flared guard rails for easy access
Horizontal rails also serve as arm rests.
Ultraflyte Chair has .145″ SS wall rails
Superflyte Chair has .065″ SS wall rails
Paraflyte Ladder Sides
Two access ladders provide dismounts from either side
Multiple guards can each stand in an elevated position for surveillance
Horizontal rails also serve as arm rests.
Paraflyte Club
Acclaimed Paraflyte styling and quality
Single anchor supports entire chair
Vertical access ladder requires less deck space
Pedestal Anchor furnished
Horizontal rails also serve as arm rests
Paraflyte OSHA Chair
Designed to comply with federal OSHA requlations
Guard rails 42 in. above the platform and extend to front

Griff’s Guard Station

Griff’s Guard Station helps to increase lifeguard effectiveness

Griff’s Guard Station feature front entry, elevated viewing station, easy access, and non-skid surface. A wide front step provides additional station and brings the guard closer to the pool edge. Heavy duty wheels allow convenient, easy portability. Stainless steel and fiberglass contruction assures long lasting and trouble-free service.


Stainless Steel and fiberglass construction for long lasting durability
5-Minute Scanning Strategy
Self-Instruction Video for guard training
Helps keep lifeguards alert on the job
Flat Guard Station
Front entry, elevated viewing station, and non-skid surface
Wide front step brings guard closer to pool edge
Elevated Step Guard Station
Three positions for better viewing
Front entry, elevated viewing station, and non-skid surface
Wide front step brings guard closer to pool edge
Full Height Guard Station
Heigher viewing angle for greater visibility
14 in. x 40 in. bench and 4 ft. above pool deck
Platform size 40 in. x 40 in. and is 33 in. above pool deck